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Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods produces milk powders from fresh cow’s milk as an ingredient for infant nutrition, for consumers to drink a healthy glas of milk and as an ingredient for food such as chocolate, ice cream, dairy products, cookies and culinary applications. Vreugdenhil is active in the dairy market since 1954. They have become Europe’s largest producer of full cream milk powder, with 4 factories and over 800 dairy farmers. They export flavorful and nutritious milk powders to more than 130 countries worldwide.


  • Properly manage the unloading and loading of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished goods and ensure proper record keeping and safeguarding in the field
  • Ensure that the following goals were achieved in 2 of the 4 factories:
    • A transparent, controllable and more efficient production process
    • Registration/documentation of the production process and output items
    • Digitalization (paperles working) in the factory
    • Minimize error sensitivity (automatic line settings, operator tasks, etc.)


Implementation of two systems at Vreugdenhil:

  • SLS: Site Logistics System.
    SLS records receipts and shipments for SAP/ERP and also provides MES with detailed information regaring inventory adjustments. Trucks arriving to unload/load are guided to the correct dock after entering the receipt number via a specific strategy linked to the receipt article. In addition, specific instructions and
    inspections are carried out
  • Objective MES
    • Raw material control before production starts
    • Exclude starting of production before all setup instructions have ben executed in MES
    • Automatic control of machines based on article
    • Consumption/yield registration at powder production proces and various packaging lines
    • Sampling plus performing inspections
    • Track & Trace


  • Improving and understanding production deficiencies and raw material consumption
  • Optimization of quality control already at the start of production
  • Detailed analysis of production failures and quality losses
  • Extensive traceability from ingredients to delivery of the output article



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