Duijvelaar Pompen | Customer Story | Objective International

The originally Dutch Duijvelaar Pompen is part of the large German KSB group that employs more than 15,000 employees. Duijvelaar Pompen employs 300 employees and is an expert in stainless steel centrifugal pumps and pump systems.

  • Increasing product complexity (many variants and options)
  • Assuring product quality & prevent human errors in production
  • Achieving higher volumes & lead time reduction
  • Tool to make the shop floor more transparent:
    • One-piece flow support
    • Variable instructions shown on a screen
    • Check of every step in the production process
    • Integrated tooling and in-line printing (e.g. packaging support)
  • Optimise internal/external logistics
    • Kanban support
    • External operations
    • Inbound, outbound, crossdock

Lean production line with Pick-to-light and RFID technology managed bij Objective MES

  • Detailed order planning and sequencing
  • Real-time production monitoring and in-line quality control
  • Dynamic work instructions (paperless) linked to order options
  • Full product genealogy (product passport): which components, when, by whom, including test
  • Task driven production logistics

Full Objective WMS

  • RF scanners with task driven scanning through the supply chain
  • Task prioritization per work zone and work type
  • Optimized task interleaving, put away and pick sequencing
  • JIT/JIS production supply and kanban replenishment



“The greatest advantage in my opinion is complementing human actions and therefore, being able to guarantee the assured quality of our products.”


Helger Bijl, Head of Planning & Control


  • Perfect synchronization of production orders, inventory, people and equipment
  • The production volume rose by 50%
  • The error margin dropped by 80%
  • Objective WMS and MES have simply become part of our organization

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