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Paniflower is the third largest flour producer in Belgium. Its customers include industrial and cottage industry bakeries as well as various other companies in the snack industry and the biscuit-making sector.

  • 95% of production is intended for industrial bakeries and 5% for cottage industry bakeries
  • Flour for special applications such as tacos and biscuits
  • 5 mills guarantee a capacity of 1300 metric tons of flour a day.
  • Investing in standardised constant quality (essential for the efficient running of the production process)
  • Accurate cost price calculation
  • They needed a system that they could use to monitor production and, to a lesser extent, the logistics from the wheat producer to the baker


  • Objective Suite includes all functions that they were looking for:
    • Tracking & tracing
    • Facilitating cost price calculations
    • KPIs for the performance of the mills
    • Warehouse management, etc.
  • Phased implementation (starting functions step-by-step)

  • All data is available for an accurate cost price calculation and assessment
  • Accurate tracking and tracing of different qualities and mixtures
  • Tracking the performance of systems (OEE)
We can monitor the cost price and quality of our products in detail thanks to Objective
Ronny Verhé, Plant Manager

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