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RENOLIT Netherlands B.V., based in Enkhuizen, is part of RENOLIT healthcare, a major market unit of the RENOLIT Group headquartered in Worms-Germany. As a market leader in medical grade high value polymer products, RENOLIT Healthcare works together with customers on high quality and innovative products for applications in the healthcare sector. In addition to medical foils and tubin for applications in the field of Blood- and Blood Components, IV, Dialysis, Nutrition and Biotechnology, services are also offered in the areas of EMT equipment leasing, tailor made films and custom made solutions. The product portfolio is further complemented by Ports & Caps and Secundary Packaging. In the Innovation Centers in Amsterdam, Beijing and California, new groundbreaking products and production processes are being developed with great passion and dedication. In a changing world, RENOLIT Healthcare embraces its responsibility for the generation of today and the future. This is reflected in their commitment to transform creative and new ideas into advanced and responsible solutions and products. “Together towards Health” is thus not just a statement but their conviction to make a major contribution together to improve the health of all. At RENOLIT Netherlands B.V. , 220 enthusiastic employes work hard every day to ensure that customers – and ultimately patients – can rely 100% on the high quality and availability of RENOLIT Healthcare products.


  • A transparent production process (what specifications were agreed upon with the customer, what is the current status and is the process still at level to deliver within the agreed specifications).
  • A lifetime documentation of the production process; over an extended period of time, samples etc. must be traceable back to all relevant process parameters and specifications.
  • Single Source for Master Data; Quality specifications, packaging, production targets, productivity and scrap should be available digitally per item and production line.

In summary, RENOLIT Netherlands B.V. strives for the highest quaIity in the field of medical production.


  • Production Data Management
  • Historian: storage and management of raw historical production data
  • Shopfloor control (starting, stopping production orders,…)
  • Quality instructions, OEE and basic SPC
  • WIP control: manage raw materials, semi-finished and finished products on the line
  • Tracking & Tracing in production
  • Daily planning of production orders
  • Interfacing with Ultimo (EAM), QAD (ERP en QMS) via IIB (Middleware integration)


  • Clear planning of production orders to be executed on the floor
  • Increase in production quality
  • The production process is carried out more efficiently
  • Directing operators in the packing of specific rolls of film into the proper boxes
  • Accurate track&trace of used raw materials/materials per production order
  • Production parameters, quality measurements, samples are stored and can be accessed via the system


“In MES, master data can be fantastically integrated with the production lines to avoid a lot of paperwork. Also, always having the right data available is a necessity in our industry.”


– Richard Gilhuys, Operations Manager


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