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ScioTeq started off 35 years ago as a spin-off of Barco’s television and display business, developing the first ruggedized monitor for the naval market. Within a few years, the spin-off entered the airline industry and also began supplying unique LCD screens for use in the air traffic control market. The business went from strength to strength, acquiring Chromatics in the USA and embedding the latter’s graphics generation technology in its displays. In 2015, the Barco Defense, Avionics and Training business was acquired by Esterline, which evolved eventuality into ScioTeq in 2019. To date, ScioTeq has an installed base of more than 285,000 visualization products worldwide. We are on board of more than 150 aircraft types, over 100 ship types and 50 ground vehicle types. Every day, more than 80,000 flights are controlled from a ScioTeq Air-Traffic Control display. As such, ScioTeq has established itself as a leader in the development of customized products in the most demanding environments, from aviation to air traffic control, defense & security. Their customers can rely on decades of expertise, backed by high quality standards and stringent industry certifications. Their aim? To make the world a safer place through advanced visualization solutions.




  • In order to face the production challenges and stay ahead of the competition, they were in need of a system that allowed them to schedule, control and follow up production in a digital (paperless) way.
  • Reduction of the overhead costs that came with administrative errors, no adherence to standard processes, quality issues,…
  • User friendly user interface, latest version of the work instructions available for the operator at the right time.



  • To identify the project scope, several pre-study sessions took place at ScioTeq.
  • Linkage with our ERP and test systems, as well as aligning Objective MES with our current processes was discussed during weekly Analysis sessions.
  • After a short period of testing, Objective MES went live on one of our high runner lines.


“At ScioTeq, we have a bright future ahead of us.  Partly due to the Objective MES integration, it will be a success.”


Tom Van Canegem, Manufacturing Manager




  • Work instructions, As-built/Bom information, non-conformity logging,… all is available on the touch screens used by the operators.
  • Due to the link with ERP, changes in design, instructions, due dates are immediately flagged to operators & supervisors.
  • Availability of accurate real-time production data for supervisors and QA staff results in faster response time.




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