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Pedeo is a development partner and reliable supplier of finished and installed high-pressure die casting products in zinc and aluminium alloys. High-pressure die casting is the most exact of all the casting techniques that allows us to produce complex parts and limit second operation machining considerably or even completely prevent it. The technique is perfect for a cost-favourable production of medium-sized and large series.


  • Automation is part of the growth strategy
    Monitoring productivity, failure and shutdown data
  • Better follow-up of the different parameters in the production process. Reliable process parameters such as temperatures and pressures form the basis for making high-quality high-pressure die cast parts
  • Shorter flow times in production



Through Objective MES:

  • The product and production information (for example, documentation, manuals, etc.) become clear and visible on the work floor and on a management level;
  • The related extensive paper bureaucracy is avoided (paperless production);
  • An optimum production planning is generated;
  • A helicopter view is created of the entire production.
  • Higher quality (because of better process parameters, clear operator instructions and checks)
  • Lower costs (faster conversion times and fewer failures and shutdowns)
“I can guarantee a reliable price, delivery term and quality thanks to Objective MES”
Piet D’Haeyer

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