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Picanol Group is a diversified industrial group and is active worldwide in the fields of mechanical engineering, argiculture, food, energy, water management, efficient (re)use of natural resources and other industrial markets.

Objective is active in the following daughter companies:

  • Picanol (weaving machines)
  • Proferro (foundry & production machine parts)
  • PsiControl Belgium & Romenia (electronics and control elements)




  • Transparency across the entire production and logistics processes: recording, informing
    validating and registering quality checks and serial numbers
  • Digitized and automated interaction with suppliers
  • A total solution for the diversity of Picanol’s activities and processes:
    • Several automated warehouses
    • Seamless integration of AGV’s into the logistics chain
    • Divergent logistics flows
    • Kitting in trays
    • Kitting on pallets
    • Production chain with 10 workstations, where more than 200 employees participate in the assembly process of weaving machines




  • One integrated MES & WMS solution under the roof of one supplier in which all information is centrally registered and managed
  • All ins and outs recorded on deliveries from suppliers (inbound), production and delivery to the customer (outbound) (from gate tot gate)
  • Delivery of kits and materials at the right time, in the right order, at the right place (just-in-time
    & just-in-sequence)
  • Enforced routing: an operator can only start the next operation if the previous one has been
    correctly completed and recorded





“Together with Objective we are working on the further digital transformation on the shop floor at Picanol Group.”


Mart Vervisch, IT Project Manager – Solutions Architect at Picanol




  • High level of transparency: real-time visibility of all processes from goods receiving, work orders
    and production up to the outbound logistics
  • Errors are traced more quickly, which saves time and costs and ensuring quality
  • By recording and validating all logistical transactions, the stakeholders involved gain knowledge of the most correct and up-to-date information



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