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De Paauw bread and pastry has existed since 1923 and has grown into a leading industrial bakery with more than 100 employees, 4 production lines and its own truck fleet. De Paauw makes daily fresh bread, pastries and seasonal products on a weekly basis. They supply 300,000 loaves of bread and 1.8 million sandwiches to both traditional and online
  • Audit requirements of customers and certifying organizations such as food and commodities
  • Tracing the raw materials that are consumed during production
  • Real-time monitoring of production
  • Automatic generation of replenishment tasks
  • Achieving a paperless bakery


“I find working together with Objective very pleasant. They are open to the wishes and input from their clients, but also give clear advice when you need to go in a certain direction.”


Allard Vervoort, Management team

Implementation of the integrated Objective WMS and MES systems and processes has led to the full real-time traceability from raw material to end product, resulting in:

  • Production order planning with start, stop, and progress registration
  • Allocation of raw materials based on Production planning via Production Logistics Engine
  • HotWired WIP-In locations
  • Consumption registration
  • Task-controlled replenishment
  • Connectors with silos and weighers
  • Real-time traceability
  • Automatic determination of OEE
  • Optimal use of available space due to task Management and Production Logistics Engine
  • Basis for further automation
  • Audit score of 96.37% in the International Food standard audit 2020. Highest score (A) in terms of traceability, with 100%!
  • Full insight into production progress
  • Strong increase in the quality of master Data
  • Strong data-driven organization

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