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La Lorraine Bakery Group (LLBG) NV is a 100% Belgian family holding that operates in the milling and backing sector.
LLBG employs more than 4000 people worldwide, now operates from 12 production units in Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey and exports to more than 25 countries of which a large part is sold through their own sales shops.
  • No constant productivity on the baking lines
  • Reduce production shutdowns
  • Determine the reason for the shutdowns and their shutdown times
  • The line performance is not available real time
“We have a real time view of the efficiency on the work floor with Objective MES”


Marc Vanherpe, COO

Objective MES offers La Lorraine the options to make efficiency visible real time on the work floor and to identify the shutdowns. It is the ideal tool to measure baking line efficiency by:

  • Measuring the baking line rhythm
  • Implementing automatic shutdown detection
  • Displaying line performance based on OEE (Overall Efficiency Effectiveness)

  • Significant productivity improvement per line
  • OEE tells everything

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