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Koninklijk Euroma B.V. is well known for being one of the top 3 European herb and spice industry. The company offers flavor solutions for consumers and the food service industry. In 2019, they built a new factory. The production activities of the three existing branches Utrecht, Puttershoek and Wapenveld is centred in Zwolle. Within the original branches, there was a wide variety of working methods and the use of multiple systems. An important goal for the implementation of the MES system was to ensure clarity and unifomity in the control and registration of the production processes.

  • Implementation of new software in a state-of-the-art factory
  • Integration with a new ERP package
  • Training operators in digital processes

Objective Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides:

  • Transparency, control and a more efficient production process
  • Complete documentation of the production process and output items
  • Digitization (paperless working) in the factory
  • Minimized error sensitivity (automatic line settings, operator tasks, etc.)
“It’s nice team up with Objective. Their solutions are well thought out, flexible and professional.”


Albert Goudbeek, ICT Manager
  • Achieved the desired automation in the field of machine control and data collection
  • Improved the quality of the production process
  • Operator has more information at their disposal (real-time) during production
  • All instructions are displayed digitally to the operators via MES
  • Paperwork in the factory is minimized

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