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Where innovation meets Excellence

We create inspiring, future-proof, and people centered production software.

To create – to build something new, something meaningful – is a passion we all share. this is our job; this is why we get out of bed every morning and never give up. We are creating the digital production of the future.

We look confidently to the future. And we help our customers (industrial companies) to do so: to face new challenges, to look beyond, and to go down new digital paths together. Innovative software solutions turn the latest production technologies into a competitive advantage for our customers and their companies, both nationally and globablly.

Together, we are a team that loves to create solutions, and see results at precisely the right moment. Together, we inspire each other, support one another, and grow to our better selves. Together, we celebrate our successes, and reach out to the next challenge. Together, we are Objective.



Our employees make the difference for the customer. Development, training and professionalism are, therefore, high on our list of priorities. Everybody has their own personal development plan at Objective in which we set down, monitor and, possibly, adjust his/her requirements. You will be given every opportunity to advance and peg out a great career path based on your passion, skills and experience.




Objective offers its employees attractive employment conditions including a company car (depending on your position) and many other additional benefits. In addition, we will ensure a balanced equilibrium between
work and leisure including the required flexibility. Flexibility is a two-way street though. If a customer has a last-minute request, you do not mind rolling up your sleeves. Freedom and responsibility are key within this context.




Will you face supply chain challenges of our customers head on with your colleagues? Naturally, with regard to projects that you like and where your skill set comes into its own. You will be given the opportunity at Objective to gain experience in organisations from different sectors. Sometimes you will work for large companies that operate nationally or internationally and, at other times, you will be involved with an innovative SME that wants to automate and make efficient its production process.


  1. If you choose for Objective, send your details to us through the application form on the website. We will, next, check whether your profile fits in with one of our current or future vacancies. We will let you know as soon as possible whether you will be invited for a introductory interview.
  2. We will discuss your CV, competences and ambitions during the initial interview. Sometimes a short technical exercise is organised. We will give you the required information about our company and you will meet the head of department.
  3. After a positive interview, you will be invited for a personality test. We will go through the results together.
  4. If you meet our expectations with regard to all issues and you yourself have a good feeling about Objective, we will set down all specific agreements during a last interview.


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