Webinar | The smart assembly process | Objective International




28 October 2021
11:00 – 12:00 CEST
Spoken language: English






Christophe Laprudence

Lead Business Consultant at Objective International




  • The most common challenges in the assembly industry
  • The benefits of serial number management and product passports (+ live demo)
  • Instructions and inspections (+ live demo)
  • Production Logistics Engine
  • Scioteq customer story

The assembly of several parts into one larger component is a common process in manufacturing. It is also the most challenging process for supply logistics. If there is only one part that is milled, drilled, coated, formed or otherwise processed, the logistics are much simpler. When there are dozens or hundreds of parts that have to come together in different variants, however, it gets much harder. This is just one of the many challenges facing the assembly industry. Also, producing faster, saving costs, keeping the operator comfortable,… are becoming more and more important.

In this webinar, our expert will teach you how to turn these challenges into opportunities. Objective helps customers in making their assembly process smarter by ensuring and improving best practices in a system that operators love to use. We try to create a perfect flow in which your logistics work seamlessly with your production.

How do you keep track of parts throughout the assembly process? How are errors identified more quickly? How can you reduce costs? Did you already hear of automatic allocation of your stock? All of these questions will be answered during our webinar.

The webinar will close with a concrete project from one of our customers: ScioTeq, international leader in visualization solutions for the air traffic control, aviation and defense markets. This year, they implemented our MES  system in their factory and reaped numerous benefits. Which benefits exactly? Discover them during the webinar.

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