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MES for Production and Logistics

Do you want to get the most out of your production equipment? This is possible with Objective MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Start from a detailed planning board, control your operators and machines optimally and analyse your performance and quality in real time.

Get your company “Industry 4.0 ready”

Safety and quality are important aspects within a company. You must comply with national and international laws and guidelines. In addition, there is also the growing influence of your sales market. Every company wants to (produce)/work in the most efficient way, wants to guarantee top quality, keep small series affordable, quickly achieve large volumes, sustainable entrepreneurship,… That’s were Objective MES offers an enormous added value. With our software you turn these challenges into opportunities that prepare your organization for Industry 4.0/ the factory of the future.


MES creates added value for:

  • Optimization of your productivity
  • Speed and flexibility towards costumers
  • Quality assurance and improvement
  • Efficiency of machines and people
  • Use of energy and utilities
  • Reduction of WIP, stock, waste, scrap and rework
  • 100% product safety and traceability
  • Paperless production : fewer errors, higher efficiency

Advanced planning and scheduling: making optimal use of your resources

Through the use of Objective MES, the work situation and work organization will be optimized in a drastic way. Paperless working becomes possible. Paperwork and errors are avoided by logging the data directly via the operator screen. There is a specific login per operator with certain rights and functionalities. On the Objective screens only relevant information is shown for the registered operator. The automatically registered data is collected in a central database to avoid isolated, meaningless information. You can see the status of your production at any time and thus achieve optimal planning and efficiency.

With the planning module of Objective MES you create an efficient production planning manually or automatically, taking into account the availability of machines, resources and people. Based on algorithms, the automatic scheduler will generate a planning proposal that is most in line with the predefined KPIs. Once the optimal planning has been reached, operations are released to the shop floor and further monitored in real time in the planning board.


Real-time monitoring of your production performance, machine status and quality

One of the core tasks of Objective MES is the real-time supervision and management of the performance of the production department. All relevant production data and information is captured, processed and visualized via dashboards.

Besides determining the performance of the production process, the analysis of the performance losses is also a real added value. Objective MES offers handy Pareto analysis, functions that allow to zoom in on the malfunctions and interruptions via various angles. And of course Objective MES also allows to capture and analyse quality data.

In short: Objective MES gives you unambiguous and correct information about KPI’s such as yield, rework, cycle times, OEE, causes of machine stoppages, material consumption, efficiency of operators, … This way, you can benchmark your performance against reference figures at any time.

Objective WFM

If your company produces and/or takes care of its own logistics operations, integration of these domains with your workforce management is crucial. Objective WFM can be integrated with your production management and provides you with numerous advantages:

  • Correct logging and validation of working hours
  • Optimising personnel and capacity planning in terms of anticipated work
  • Correct allocation of working hours to production orders and logistics tasks
  • Easy staff access to their personal time recording data
  • Effective access control
  • Safe visitor management

The combination of Objective MES and WFM allows you to register exact times on production orders so that you can realise an accurate production report and a correct subsequent calculation. By comparing standard times for specific jobs, you can also check unsubstantiated deviations and adjust them where necessary.

Objective WFM can be integrated with both Objective MES and WMS. Together, these software solutions form the Objective suite, a comprehensive operational management of personnel, production and logistics: the ultimate step in the pursuit of Operational Excellence.

MES & WMS: The best of both worlds

The right product at the right time in the right location… It sounds simple, but it’s not. How are you going to manage your production and logistics efficiently and in an integrated way?

This is where the Objective suite makes the difference. In 1996 we, as one of the only ones in Europe, started developing a best-of-breed MES and WMS solution. Now, 20 years later, due to the many implementations, the extensive functionalities and the accumulated market knowledge, Objective is your partner of choice to steer your company towards ‘logistics & manufacturing excellence’.

With Objective WMS & MES your supply chain becomes the biggest asset within your organization.

Transform your company to the factory of the future

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