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One piece flow digital factory

It is often said that multitasking is not productive and therefore unsuccessful, but we do it continuously. Just look at a production floor; there, multiple processes are performed simultaneously to create a highly complex product within very tight deadlines.  As a result, there is often no insight into the optimal control of processes, minimal tracking of resources or a clear assessment of the efficiency of production. To have more control over the processes, machines and operators and hence on the quality of your products, changing into a one-piece flow digital factory is critical. With this change, your ERP remains in the lead, and your plant becomes completely transparent.

The deployment of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and a Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides real-time insight into your entire production process. Smart Operator dashboards visualize the right information at the right time to the right person. Paperless, digital work instructions and checklists (SOP) will be tailored to the operator’s level. Non-conformities and other interrupts are accurately recorded and based on extensive reporting and visualized on dashboards so that all aspects of production can be directly managed and monitored.

Automating your ERP system is necessary, not only because there must be compliance with legal obligations and avoiding unnecessary mistakes, but also because it must respond as quickly and effectively as possible to any changes in the supply chain. Once your digital production flow is up and running, your staff will be able to respond quickly to unexpected failures. The success of a reliable MES software system will be measured by the efficiency of automated production lines, a newly motivated workforce due to the reduction in administrative workload, and the increase in first time quality.

Reducing administrative workload and providing a trustworthy production flow gives definitely added value to your product satisfaction to your staff and no doubt the quality of your service.

Download factsheet: one piece flow digital factory