How Paniflower took care of better quality management and cost control

As one of the largest flour producers in Belgium, Paniflower faced operational challenges with managing quality and controlling costs. Paniflower primarily supplies industrial bakers with a variety of commercial flour but also is a source of premium flour for smaller, boutique bakers. Although its product line is concise, Paniflower deals with a key global commodity — wheat — that can have a highly variable price. Also, as the company operates five mills, with a capacity to produce 1300 metric tons of flour a day, quality and consistency are crucial concerns.

Objective supply chain execution software addressed each of Paniflower’s concerns, delivering the ability to quickly and accurately monitor price and quality. With full traceability and the ability to track systems performance and manage warehouses, Paniflower added new levels of efficiency and consistency to its processes.


Visibility into a complex process

The Objective Suite provides tracking and tracing capabilities, increasing productivity and ensuring that all relevant data is available for assessment, at any time. When dealing with tons of flour, managing price variability is essential to success. With the ability to allow cost price calculations through Objective, Paniflower has further increased accuracy and ensured consistency in maintaining its desired gross margin.

Metrics to add actionable context

Also, Objective allows Paniflower not just to view its production cycle with accuracy, but also provides KPIs that reflect mill operation. These KPIs help Paniflower measure data such as:

  • Material usage variance
  • Extraction rates, such as total commercial, technical, and milling yields
  • Raw material influence on profitability
  • Total quantity milled in tons
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Utilization


We can monitor the cost price and quality of our products in detail thanks to Objective

– R. Verhé, Plant Manager

Objective also tailored the implementation process of the Objective Suite to Paniflower’s specific needs. To avoid production delays, Paniflower incorporated Objective components in phases, with a step-by-step addition of functions.

As a result, Paniflower achieved the efficient running of its entire production process. The process improvements and insights into production added value quickly, delivering fast ROI through smart solutions and Objective’s innovative approach. Overall, Objective helped Paniflower bake quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness into its production, a recipe for continued success in the future.

Read more about our work with Paniflower, and download the case study, to see how Objective delivers results. To learn even more about how Objective can solve your production concerns, improve your projects, and help you reach your goals, contact us to speak with a product expert.