How an automotive supplier balanced growth and complexity

How an automotive supplier balanced growth and complexity

Helping businesses in the process industry and discrete manufacturing achieve increased efficiencies is the goal of Objective’s Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). WMS opens doors to productivity through enhanced visibility of the entire product cycle. With a better view of inventory and quicker access to crucial information, warehouses run better, with optimal results at reduced costs.

Objective has a fast and intuitive WMS solution that is built for tomorrow’s challenges. Providing immediate access to information, and allowing for the highest logistics standards, Objective excels in delivering order and visibility for highly variable products with high quality requirements.

A global manufacturer of suspension components for automobiles and other vehicles — incorporated Objective into its manufacturing workflows, and experienced immediate improvements in modernizing its distribution center and logistics system. The challenge was to manage growth, a sophisticated logistics process with more than 10,000 product references and the precision and quality demands of automobile and other vehicle manufacturers.

Objective leveraged its practical experience with implementing its solution in other highly automated warehouses in delivering an advanced distribution center for the manufacturer. Automatic conveyor systems added speed while a 24,000 bin location miniload accommodated the company’s extensive product range. Also, the center features different packing stations to provide the most optimal product path to completion.

Objective WMS matched the client’s functional requirements 100% and added numerous additional benefits such as reduction of storage costs, and guaranteed management of all logistics processes. As a result, the company gained full control of its logistics, enabling automatic picking, packing and labelling that delivers over 96% reliability. With Objective WMS, the company also facilitates meeting customer preferences for labelling and allows for ensuring all orders are delivered within five days.

Success was made possible not just by Objective’s software solution — Objective provided fast return on investment through the combination of smart solutions and an innovative approach. When combined with our focus on customer satisfaction, it’s easy to see why Objective was the chosen provider. With the strength of experience and innovation, Objective delivers efficiency and value.


Objective’s practical experience with the implementation of its solution in highly automated warehouse environments played an important role

– G.V. Managing Director


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