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The Objective Academy is a cloud-application which contains e-learning courses on functional MES and WMS topics.

The platform allows the key users to improve their knowledge on the software and get the most out of their Objective solution. The Academy contains courses about all functional MES and WMS topics and how they can be set up in Objective. Easily learn by watching videos, slides and demos and take quizzes to test your knowledge!



The Objective Academy can be accessed through the following link: objective-academy.com

Once subscribed to the Objective Academy, the key users will be able to log in to the application with their own personal username and password.

These personal user accounts can be requested via the following link: https://objt.com/en/objective-academy-user-accounts-request/ 







After login the dashboard will appear


At recently accessed courses you will see the courses you accessed last.
Underneath in the ‘my courses’ list, you will find the courses that you are enrolled in.
At the bottom you find all your courses in the ‘Course overview’. For each course the % of completion is indicated in this section.
At the right side you find your available learning plans and upcoming events, such as certification exams.

At site home menu you can find all available courses. You can search for a course based on a word in the title or a word in the summary. Or you can go through the tree structure to find all available courses.



You can click on any functional course to get started.


After the general info you can find the different chapters with slides, movies or exercises that can be followed. At the end there is a quiz about the course to check your knowledge about the topic.



Learning plans group a set of courses on both MES and/or WMS and give guidance to a user, which courses to follow first. A preferred order is set in the learning plan. There are basic, advanced and expert learning plans.



In order to get certified in one of the courses, you can register to one of our certification weeks and take an exam. The exam exists out of a practical exercise. The exercise is explained in a document and configurations have to be executed on a virtual pc.

When all work is done and the word document is completed with screenshots, you must upload it in this assignment module. The assignment will then be graded by using a fixed correction table. You will find all results in the assignment module after grading.

If the general score is 80% or more, the pdf certificate chapter becomes available automatically.



Upcoming Certification Dates
  • 3-6 October 2023
  • 16-19 January 2024

Subscription is necessary via the following link:  https://objt.com/en/certification-exam-registration/


€5.500/year – Access to the Objective Academy (with unlimited users)