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Software Test Engineer


Objectiver since January, 2018


December, 2020 – After having worked for 16 years at a pharmaceutical company, I was looking for a similar job as a tester, but a bit closer to home. It is unbelievable that through LinkedIn I stumbled upon a vacancy that seemed like the perfect fit for me, and that is 5 minutes away from home. The first interviews with HR, the future team leader and manager took place in a relaxed atmosphere and I immediately felt very comfortable. All the pieces of the puzzle just seemed to fit together. Moreover, I was able to continue working part-time doing volunteer work and I am left with enough time for my family.

My experience is that everyone at Objective can, to a certain extent, find their own way. A lot of trains pass by and you choose whether to jump on them or not. I started as a software tester myself. This function was already quite varied and on the one hand it includes testing new functionalities that are reprogrammed into the package. Each button is tested before it is approved. On the other hand, I also mentioned when applying that I also like to give training to new people. Something that gives me satisfaction and is nice to get to know new colleagues. I was able to participate in the training trajectory and I am now coordinating which training sessions we are going to set up in the classroom or via e-learning. The e-learning trajectory is completely new and has to be built from scratch, but it is certainly challenging and fun to do.  

Since Objective has also started working Agile this year, I was also asked if I wanted to take on the role of scrum master. This means that I should try to make the team of developers function optimally by setting up meetings, letting them discuss what they think is good about the collaboration and what could be improved. As a scrum master, I must remain as neutral as possible, which fits me well. But, for guiding meetings, I need a bit more guts and I find it challenging. 

The job provides enough variety and the time seems to fly incredibly fast, which is an excellent sign of a good job. 


As I mentioned above, my job function expanded, and I took on additional roles. The great thing is that the team lead, the manager and recently the new CEO are open to our personal ambitions and take them into account, as far as possible. I think that the plan works well for all parties, because employees who do a job that they have partly been allowed to mold to fit for themselves will be highly motivated and want to go for it.


Objective is in a challenging phase to grow and expand internationally. This is only possible if everyone cooperates and communicates well. The e-learning trajectory can certainly play an important role in the training of new employees, external partners, and customers.  

There are a lot of funny memories when you think of all the activities Objective organizes for its employees: team building weekends, staff parties, drinks, and parties in between, Easter breakfast, … Furthermore, there is always room for jokes on Slack.

At the first meeting with the whole company, we had to introduce ourselves and I told them that I am a chocolate addict. Since then this is often used to tease me and ‘bribe’ me to do a job. There is certainly a nice atmosphere among colleagues.

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