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Jr. Software Engineer


Objectiver since September 2020.


February, 2021 – After a job as a PLC programmer with a fondness for computer science, I was very interested in MES systems. During the installation of machines, I came across several MES systems, some of which were very basic, others very outdated. I had not yet come across any modern system that can control an entire company the way Objective does. I think this is because of the combination of MES and WMS, and the healthy urge to innovate.

In September, I was able to follow my training in group at the office in Wichelen, which was more pleasant than if I were to follow it alone at home. In this way, I already got to know a number of colleagues who gave the training or who ate with us in the lunchroom. Of course, the rules of the government were always followed very strictly. Once I was allowed to join the team in West Flanders, the colleagues had arranged a breakfast to get to know us better and to introduce the team. That gave me the chance to see my teammates for at least one day, because the offices closed the next day (due to corona). That was a disappointment for me, but my colleagues took care of me very well. We will get through this together!

First of all, I must emphasise the working atmosphere. Even across both branches there is a lot of team spirit, all colleagues like working at Objective and that is clearly noticeable. The agile way of working also contributes to this: it’s really a very pleasant system to work in. It promotes involvement between colleagues, helps to organise everything and gives a feeling of victory when the sprint board is completely emptied during a sprint.

Secondly, there is the familiarity, and the transparent lines from and to the management: with 80+ employees and a well-filled vacancy page, Objective can hardly be called a small company, but it has managed to keep the familiarity and conviviality of a smaller company. That makes for a pleasant working atmosphere, but it is also important in the communication with the management. We are always kept informed of the state of the company by the all-hands meeting, so that even in corona times we are strongly involved in the strategy of both the technical and the business side of Objective. We are led in a modern and human way by the CEO and the management: they put the well-being of the team first and get a driven and cohesive team in return.

Finally, there is innovation. There are always new technologies on the horizon that the product team is working on. It makes me excited to see how Objective will grow in the future.

Just listen to the way colleagues talk about Objective. Everyone from the first to the last person will talk with great enthusiasm about our customer satisfaction and the positive working atmosphere. Helping to innovate and helping customers to implement specific business processes in the software makes me very proud, and that feeling is shared by the colleagues.

We have set up a Zoom meeting with the team every Friday at 4.30pm to start the weekend together. These meetings are always fun! During the Christmas period, someone came into the meeting wearing a funny hat, also the mute button was already being played with, etc. It is a pleasant way to get to know colleagues in a different way in times of corona.

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