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Application Consultant


Objectiver since September 2019.


December 2021 – I have always been interested in production and logistics processes in industrial environments. In the second last year of my studies I came into contact with MES software through vacation work. There I realized that that was the direction I wanted to go in later on. I got to know Objective via “Open Bedrijvendag”. Their MES and WMS software immediately appealed to me. Objective is also a somewhat smaller organization where everyone knows each other personally. That was really an important point for me. On top of that there are a lot of growth possibilities within Objective and a great variety of projects from different sectors. All this together was the ideal match for me!

One of my favorite projects of the past year was Kellogg’s. It was a project that I started working on immediately after the analysis phase. I was given the opportunity to work closely with the client where we evaluated every aspect of the software to see if it fully met the expectations. Where necessary, adjustments were made to completely meet the needs of the customer. Because I was often present in the production environment, I also saw the impact of the Objective software. When you notice that the operators’ work has been greatly simplified by the software you helped to design, it gives me enormous satisfaction.

Objective wants to create future-oriented and people-oriented production software. For me it is very important that the software is really focused on the users. After all, they are the ones who will have to use the software on a daily basis. I try to take this into account as much as possible by going into dialogue with users on the factory floor and by listening to their wishes and needs.

As an Application Consultant you are involved in different phases within a project. From the start of a project you can help with the analysis of the wishes and needs of the customer. You will pass on these requirements to the development team so that they can make the necessary developments. These developments will then be tested, possibly together with the customer. As Application Consultant you also provide the necessary documentation and you give training to the key-user so that the customer himself becomes an expert within the Objective package. It is a very varied job in which you are closely involved with the customer during each phase of the project.



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