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Application Consultant


Objectiver since January 2020.


June, 2021 – I came to Objective in search of a company where I could take my IT experience from a manufacturing company to the next level. Objective offers me the opportunity to learn in depth and breadth about production and logistics processes in industrial environments. I am involved in projects within very different sectors. I believe this variation is a big plus. Also, Objective offers an excellent framework for these projects: a software company with a healthy growth strategy and helpful and competent colleagues.

I find Solarec, a customer in the dairy industry, a very interesting project. I feel very involved in it because I was already present at the start of the analysis phase. It is also a sufficiently challenging project: at the Recogne site, Objective will soon be managing a new butter production line and at the Baudour site, Objective will be closely monitoring and managing mozzarella production from start to finish.

Objective attaches a lot of importance to affirming their vision of the future. To be a future-proof software company, we always try to think one step ahead. I try to do this every day by adapting the software functionalities as much as possible to the needs of the customer, and moreover I make sure that the proposed solutions are maintainable in the long run.

As an application consultant I am involved in many different phases of projects. An application consultant can take on the analyses at the start of a new project or perform the analyses for new functionalities for existing customers. He or she accurately determines the needs of the customer and translates them into an implementation in Objective. If development is needed, he communicates this in clear language to the software engineers. Once development is finished, the application consultant will also carry out the tests and draw up practical documentation. In addition, he also provides training to the customer.



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