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Application Consultant


Objectiver since September 2018.


December 2021 – It has always fascinated me to know how products are made and what goes on within the 4 walls of a production environment/factory. During my studies, I came into contact with Objective and noticed what an impact Objective has on a production process and how satisfied the operators were with the interaction between people and software. I decided to have a look at Objective and it soon became clear to me that working at Objective could be something for me. It seemed very interesting to be able to help customers of different sizes, from different sectors and from different countries, to create the same impact for both production and logistic flows. On top of that, I personally learn a lot about how products are made and how companies can continue to meet the big, growing demand from consumers.

Don’t be scared of your first days at Objective.

As a starter, and especially as a graduate, you have a lot of questions:

  • Will I get help in the beginning?
  • Will I be guided?
  • What will the colleagues be like?

These questions soon disappear during the first days, as Objective offers you very good support from your colleagues and an extensive, guided training for our MES and WMS modules that can be followed either in class or individually via our online training platform.

On top of that, everyone is assigned a chapter lead, to whom you can ask anything and who will support you as best as possible in all your needs.

  1. The collegiality at Objective. Everybody helps to provide the best solution for every customer. Not only within your own squad, but also across the different departments like R&D, Support, Finance,… everyone is ready to help. Objective regularly organizes activities to strengthen the bond between colleagues, but also in the private sphere activities are organized.
  2. Objective is a healthy company and tries to pamper its employees as much as possible. We have a fitness centre and fresh fruit is available daily.
  3. We are divided into self-managing squads, which gives you enough responsibility as a squad to decide yourself where the priorities lie and who will take on which tasks.

As an Application Consultant you have a very varied job & are often involved from the beginning of a project. On the one hand it is up to us to have a complete functional understanding of the customer’s processes so that we can provide support to our developers in order to ensure that the customer gets what he needs. On the other hand, it is also up to the Application Consultant to show the customer the ropes in our software so that he himself becomes an expert in his Objective application. We stand between the customer and the developer and must ensure that both get the information they need.

And finally, as an Application Consultant you will be called in for both small and large analysis projects where you will map out the customer’s processes with our standard solution. This is a good learning experience to possibly make the transition to Business Analyst afterwards if desired.

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